The available payment options are diversified in order to create the best possible user experience. Regardless the way of contacting the agency, all payment options are on and 100% secure.

On Site Payment

Most people choose to visit and see the available escorts for that day. After carefully analyzing the options and selecting the best model for his desires, the payment can be made immediately on the web platform.

In the process of establishing a meeting with the escort you will be asked for the type of payment. These are the available options:

  • Cash before the meeting
  • Online via PayPal, bank account etc.
  • Cash at the Front Desk

If you select the online payment you are able to make the payment right at that moment. Depending on the selected method, you will be asked to insert your account credentials and to authorize the transaction.

By using the 3D Secure platform, Maitresse Athena Agency guarantees the security of the transfer and the 100% protection of your account. No data will be retrieved or retained in web cookies.

Escort Cash Payment

When choosing to pay cash to the escort, the reservation process will be made on your name. This type of payment system allows the client to pay directly the desired amount of money to the escort he will meet.

At the event, the escort will provide to the client an envelope in which the contractor will need to insert the amount of cash required. The escort is required to have a quick look inside the envelope in order to check the amount and after that nothing will stand between you and a night you will for sure remember.

Front Desk Cashier

The last but not the least option is to make the payment at the front desk office. This type of payment is usually preferred when the client makes a visit to the location and selects visually the desired model.

The money can be paid:

  • Via credit card
  • Cash

A receipt will be provided for the paid services. But you don’t have to worry. Every aspect is fully private or covered. For example, if the payment is processed using a credit card, on the transaction details is stated the global name of the company and by any means will not be listed “escort services” or “private escort services”. Thus, your privacy and confidentiality is fully preserved and protected.

Reservation System

The reservation system covers some important aspects. The one that you should be aware of is regarding the reservation cancellation. If a payment has been made for some services and the reservation has been canceled, due to various reasons, the money transferred is non-refundable and will be transferred to your next appointment.

If there is no appointment made on your name in the next 4 weeks the entire sum will be closed and transferred into the agency’s account.