Located right in the heart of Athens, the office has high ranked clients with high level demands. Fulfilling these requests does not only show their professionalism, but also their implication into the offering their clients the best possible one-night experience.

Agency Maitresse Athena Agency
Address Str. Zacharitsa nr. 2, 75221
City Athens, Greece
Phone +2 0040 7787 443
Fax +2 0040 7787 444


For any encountered problems you are welcome to reach their location and ask for answers. Also, if reaching their location is impossible, you can always call at their centre and tell them your issue.

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When in face of a problem, you may be shy or uncomfortable of calling at their office. For this kind of situations you have available the email service.

In case of an issue that you can’t find a solution, you are invited to post the question into an email and send it to Your email will be evaluated and as soon as possible an answer will be provided back to you.

I highly recommend posting your question also in the comment section of the platform for avoiding sending the same question multiple times to their centre. This way, if multiple persons share the same problem, they will know exactly what to do immediately.

*Terms and Conditions: All escort prices does not include the hotel fees that may be deducted. All extra charges that may be applied for custom services are discussed and agreed on before the meeting and after the payment procession. Any abusive and violent behavior will be pursued by law.