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Inauguration and Client’s Feedback

Created in 2005, Maitresse Athena Agency is an escort company that provides personal private company to the most successful businessmen around the world.

In the first year of activation, the agency had no more than 5 models, available to satisfy each client’s desires, limited on different stages. While time passed and the clients recommended this escort company, more and more models were interested in working here.

As a result, in 2007, after 2 years of existence in this niche, a massive wave of contracting interests appeared at the agency’s office. Seeing the high interest manifested by the dozens of models, a clear and unmodified set of selection qualities has been established. Included in this set are the following principles:

  • Cute face
  • International schedule
  • Foreign languages
  • “Technical” Skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Communication

As the privacy of the principles, above I have stated just some of the main characteristics that stand at the base of the selection process.

Considering the quality of the existing escorts, it is a guarantee that the times spend with one of them will be the best possible time ever. You will definitely enjoy communicating with them and having all your naughty dreams fulfilled.

Security Aspects

As Maitresse Athena Agency has a huge respect for their employers, a very well structured security system has been developed inside the company.

Dealing with thousands of men across its existence, it had been a few cases in which security guard’s intervention was called. Weathers the client was too aggressive or has forced the escort in performing tasks that were not under her contract, intervention has been made and the abusive client has been charged with a fee.

It is for the agency’s safety to not transparent reveal the escort’s protection system, as it is a problem of life and death. Straight to be said, if you are not a maniac or an extremely violent person, you have nothing to worry about.

Also, on the list of Maitresse Athena Agency top concerns lays the clients security. There are 3 possible cases, all covered by the protection program:

  • The client requests the escort as his place
  • In this case the client takes all the responsibility for what it happens inside his room and the escort may at any moment call the security guard if she feels threatened of abused.
  • The client establish the meeting at one of the agency’s special designed room
  • The room will be 100% protected during the whole stay
  • No access is allowed inside the room
  • At clients personal stuffs are under secured surveillance
  • The client plans a meeting at a hotel
  • The escort will be taken there by her personal guard and in case of any problem she has the right of contacting her bodyguard
  • The payment in this case is required to be made at the agency’s office

There are no reasons to be overwhelmed with concerns as these aspects just clarify some of the extreme situations that may appear. During 11 years of activity, only 5 cases happened when the security guard was required to make an intervention. Stay safe, be calm and enjoy the company the best escorts from www.maitresse-athena.com.